VPCU is in possession of a small home in Clinton, BC

Anyone interested in this property, or have any questions, please contact Ann Phillips or Larry Hill.

3-Day Complimentary Travel Insurance: A special benefit available only to VPCU members.

As a member of V. P. Credit Union, you, your spouse and your dependent children traveling with you get complimentary insurance coverage for trips of three days or less outside your province of residence.  If you are traveling more than three days simply click on the link below to purchase coverage in advance for the remaining time of your trip. Remember, that the day you leave and the day you return are considered 2 of your 3 travel days. Click on the link to review policy, benefits and limitations.

V.P. Credit Union - 3 day complimentary travel insurance coverage

To report Lost or Stolen Member Cards please call: 1-800-567-8111

Feel free to direct any questions or comments to info@vpcu.com